Meet the Team

Veterinary Surgeons

Iain Morris BVMS CertVOphthal MRCVS

After qualifying from Glasgow Vet School in 1996, Iain emulated James Herriot for 2 years in Yorkshire before following his wife south to concentrate on small animals. He developed an interest in eyes and was awarded the RCVS Certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology in 2008. Since then he has furthered his studies in this field and although enjoys all aspects of small animal medicine and surgery, is particularly keen to see ophthalmic cases. He loves to spend his free time down the beach windsurfing with the occasional dabble into kitesurfing.

Rachel Morris BVMS MRCVS

I obtained my veterinary degree and future husband from Glasgow university in 1996. I remember deciding to be a vet whilst operating on my teddy bear at a very young age. This would not necessarily be the best time to make such a decision but it turned out pretty well. I have found it to be a challenging and rewarding career. There are sad times but there is nothing more rewarding than making an animal feel better and touching the lives of their family. I have made many friends over the years both four legged and two and have many fond memories of them all.

Louise Hodgson BVM BVS MRCVS

After volunteering in animal shelters from a young age, Louise knew her dream career would involve her love of animals and helping others. She graduated from the University of Nottingham in June 2018, then decided to move to the warmest part of England so she could spend her free time by the sea. Louise enjoys the challenge of medicine and facing something new and exciting every day, although sometimes she wishes our pets could just tell us what is wrong! She can’t wait to give your pets a lot of fuss and the care that they deserve.

In her spare time Louise enjoys painting, yoga and going on beautiful hikes. She dreams of one day owning her own small holding complete with pigs and chickens.

Dana Dicu MRCVS

Dana graduated in 2011 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest, Romania. Dana spent six years in a busy small animal hospital where she developed an interest in radiology and ultrasonography, with a particular interest in cardiology imaging which was sparked by an internship in Italy. Dana is also our exotics guru having worked with an experienced colleague back in Romania.

Dana is a tech genius and loves her gadgets and computers. We think she might be an international hacker. Dana also loves the outdoors and enjoys taking long walks on our beautiful Sussex coast.

Emma Griffith BVSc GPCert (FelP) MRCVS

Emma graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2012 and has since worked in small animal practice on the south coast. She enjoys the challenges of general practice and getting to know pets and their owners. She has a particular interest in all things feline and achieved her certificate in Feline Practice in 2020. Emma has a soft spot for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.
Outside of work Emma enjoys yoga, spending time by the sea and is kept busy by her cocker spaniel “Rusty” and her naughty cat ” Sebastian”.

Cristina Mihail MRCVS

My passion for becoming a Veterinary Surgeon started at 5 years of age and from that point onwards I never looked back. I graduated in 2011 from the University of Bucharest. During the following year, together with some like minded professionals, we founded the first pet blood bank in my country.
To gain more experience I came to England and worked in a various small animal practices. My interests developed in emergency and critical care which led me to undertake a certificate in this field.
In my free time I enjoy outdoor activities; one of my favourites being snow boarding. I love to travel, especially for voluntary charity work, there is no better feeling than helping.
My personal moto, “a warm smile is a universal language of kindness”.


Jess Jeffreys  (Managing Nurse) BSc (Hons) RVN

Jess has a special talent. She has an amazing ability to remember every animal she has met and its name. We invite you to test her out! Jess has a gentle way with animals and she can win over the most nervous of patients. Jess is a special breed of nurse trained at the RVC for four years to gain a degree in Veterinary Nursing. This doesn’t just mean she is very clever but that she is highly trained and skilled and keeps us all on our toes. Jess was torn whether to be a nurse or a teacher so she satisfied that wish by becoming an assessor and training the nurses of the future. Jess literally can’t help but bring her work home with her so her pets Barley and Arabella came with problems but at least they couldn’t have come to a better home.

Laura Nutley (Clinical Lead Nurse) RVN

Laura has been a veterinary nurse since 2007 but has worked in the veterinary field since her weekend job at the age of 16. Before qualifying as a veterinary nurse, Laura completed a national diploma in Animal Management.
Prior to joining Ferring Street, Laura worked in a large veterinary hospital but decided she wanted to work somewhere she could get to know her patients and their owners better. Laura is a clinical coach for our student nurse Emily but also trains, develops and organises all of the nursing team in her role as Clinical Lead Nurse. Laura cares passionately about the patients in her care and the well-being of her nursing team.

Outside of work Laura enjoys baking for her colleagues and brings in delicious cakes on a regular basis.
She has two cats called Heinz and Bagheera who have turned her into a “crazy cat lady”!

Emily Caldwell RVN

Emily has always loved being around animals and had many pets while growing up so the idea of being a veterinary nurse always appealed. Emily started veterinary life as a kennel assistant at a busy hospital on the South coast in 2005 where she went on to train and qualified as an RVN in 2009. Emily brings a wealth of experience which she shares with the younger members of the team, in particular Bella who Emily supports as her mentor and clinical coach. Emily really enjoys getting to know the Ferring Street patients and their humans.

Emily keeps us all up to date on current affairs, is a self confessed Cookie monster (they’ve got to be triple chocolate!) and the proud Mum of two – a compassionate tomboy with a social conscience and a hilarious maths genius.

Eleanor Inman RVN

We could tell that Eleanor was going to be a fantastic nurse when she spent time with us during her training. She proved us right when she graduated from the University of Bristol with a first class honours degree in Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Science. Eleanor has a keen interest in anaesthesia and medical nursing and enjoys the differing challenges of nursing.

Outside of work she enjoys playing team tennis and exploring the English countryside.

Jade Weeks RVN

Jade trained to become an RVN at a busy Veterinary Hospital and developed particular interests in laboratory work and feline nursing. She has recently enrolled in a Certificate in Feline Nursing. Jade has her own cat (who she rescued) called Parsnip and hopes one day to be able to name enough pet cats to make up a whole roast dinner (except for sprouts which she hates).

Jade loves to travel and always has the next trip planned. She visited Thailand in 2019 and went searching for Northern Lights in Iceland in 2020. She is a super-organised holiday planner and has vacuum packing down to a fine art.

Hollie Edmunds RVN

Hollie started her career in Richmond where she qualified as an RVN in 2017. She worked nights as an emergency nurse before joining the Ferring Street team. Hollie moved to Worthing to escape from London for a quieter life by the sea where she enjoys country walks with her Staffie called Maeve. Hollie spent three years travelling before becoming a nurse. She worked on a reserve in Africa, an orphanage in Nepal, experienced living in the trees with Gibbons and worked for the RSPCA in Australia. Back in normal life, Hollie is a chocoholic and she loves a cup of tea.

Bella Frost SVN

Bella is our up and coming student veterinary nurse. She volunteered with us one day a week for a year before joining us full time at the end of 2017. Bella lives locally in Goring-by-Sea and has a one year old cocker spaniel called Daisy. You can find her sipping cocktails on her time off!

Emily Gates SVN

Emily came for a stint with us during her training and she was so good we asked her to stay. Emily has a particular interest in exotic pets and has a pet lizard of her own called Burt. Emily had always hoped to be a Veterinary Nurse. She loves her studies and learning new things – which she does every day at Ferring Street Vets. Emily has always loved animals and hopes that one day she will have her own little menagerie including farm animals. In her spare time Emily loves walking or chilling with her family and her Golden Retriever Zico.

Fran Sharpe Animal Nursing Assistant

Since leaving college, Fran has worked within the healthcare field including night shifts at busy hospitals (both human and animal!). Fran joined Ferring Street as our first Animal Nursing Assistant and is such a welcome addition to our team. She is kind and caring, super organised and wants to learn everything.

After a long day at work, Fran loves to cuddle on the sofa with her two super-cute Staffies called Boyce and Obi. Her mischievous cats are called Oscar and Kiwi. In her spare time, Fran enjoys going out for meals or to the movies with friends. She is a self confessed film buff and is particularly passionate about horror films and sci-fi.


Caz James Reception – Ferring

After finishing university, Caz started a family with her husband. When it was time to return to work she decided that her love for animals, dogs in particular, would be well suited to a position as a veterinary receptionist and she took up a position at a veterinary referral centre in Brighton, before joining the team at Ferring Street Vets in 2015. Caz is experienced, kind and caring and keeps reception running like clockwork at Ferring. Caz loves all sports, particularly martial arts, cycling and rugby. She spends most weekends watching her teenage son and daughter play rugby. Caz has a bulldog named Buster who she re-homed in 2017 and a white cat called Chester who thinks he’s a dog!

Lesley Stratton Reception – Ferring

Lesley has been with Ferring Street Vets since October 2016 and has recently semi-retired. She couldn’t quite give up working with us completely! Lesley has lived in Ferring for ‘donkeys years’ and has a menagerie at home: Moll the Cocker Spaniel, Coco the very geeky Ragdoll, a pond full of fish and an aviary full of budgies and a cockatiel. She also babysits guinea pigs!

Olivia Maxey – Reception / Animal Nursing Assistant – Ferring

Livvie is efficient, kind, fun and glamorous- the perfect combination for reception. She used to dance until she was 18 years old but animals always had her heart. She worked in a pet shop before coming to Ferring Street and we are so glad she joined us. Livvie loves interacting with the animals and their owners. She used to have a Golden Retriever and dreams of having a dog of her own.

Kirsty Jeffryes Reception – East Preston

Kirsty is our very own Wonder Woman. She is a self confessed Marvel and DC comics geek and knows everything there is to know about superheroes and villains. Kirsty has been a receptionist since 2017 and uses her special powers to organise our days and comfort the anxious. Off duty, Kirsty loves to be outdoors enjoying our beautiful countryside and her favourite place is Cissbury Ring.
Kirsty loved animals since a very young age and is owner to two big fluffy rescue cats called Moos and Finn.

Caroline Haskell RVN – Nurse and Reception – East Preston

Caroline has dedicated her career to the Veterinary field. She qualified as a registered veterinary nurse at a busy referral hospital where she continued to work as a RVN and in turn trained the veterinary nurses of the future. Caroline felt that she would like to take a break from this and become more involved with clients. We are delighted that Caroline has joined out team with her extensive experience, knowledge, kindness and dedication to our patients.

Caroline has a naughty terrier called Elsa who likes to play hide and seek and shuts doors on command. She also has a not-so-secret crush on Liam Neeson (just check out her coffee mug to prove it!).