Coronavirus update January 2021

Sadly due to the recent increase in risk of Coronavirus and the national lockdown we have had to make some changes to our normal working procedures to reduce the risk of infection to both owners and staff. This has meant not allowing owner’s to enter the surgeries.

We will continue to offer all essential services in a safe manner throughout this lockdown. By providing care to our patients without the risk of face-to-face contact with Owners we will be able to continue to examine, treat, and perform operations and procedures.

What to expect:


1- On arrival at the surgery please call reception or knock on the window to make the receptionist aware that you have arrived.

2- When the Vet is ready, they will call you to discuss what is wrong with your pet and then ask you to place your pet in the drop-off room.

3- Once your pet is safely inside the drop-off room, please step back outside so that the Vet/Nurse can collect your pet safely avoiding any face-to-face contact.

4- Your pet will then be examined and the Vet will call you on your mobile phone to discuss their findings and what treatment may be required.

5- Once the consultation is complete and the Vet has discussed the various treatments you will be passed over to reception so that payment may be taken over the phone.

6- Your pet will be brought back to the drop-off room for safe collection.

I know that it is really hard to let your pet go into the surgery on their own, but rest assured that once in the surgery they will always get a lot of fuss and treats. It sometimes harder to get them to go back out!

Collecting medication

If you have ordered medication to collect, please can you pay for this over the phone before coming down to the surgery to collect it. When you do arrive to collect the medication, it will be left outside the front door for your safe collection to avoid any face-to-face contact.