Star patient

Sterling’s owners brought him to the surgery because he had severe vomiting and diarrhoea. He became collapsed and distressed which indicated something more serious was going on. We investigated further and when we took radiographs we were surprised to find a previously undiagnosed birth defect. Sterling has a condition called peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia. This is a birth defect where the diaphragm has not developed adequately and abdominal contents can pass into the chest cavity and into the sac around the heart. In Sterling’s case his small intestines are wrapped around his heart which explained why a case of gastroenteritis was making him feel much worse than the average dog.
The good news is that Sterling is feeling much better. Specialists have advised that Sterling can live a normal life but his owners will have to be even more careful with him now to make sure he never eats anything which could cause an intestinal obstruction. If this should happen he would need life-saving surgery.
Sterling will be keeping up with his Dad on 10 mile runs again in no time.